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were far away so my mother teeth in Vietnam,  and overall health of children. Considering the highest risk of tooth decay in the 6-10 age group, seven reasons were pointed out. Tooth decay can affect the dental health and overall health of children. If a baby’s teeth are decayed without any specific treatment, it is very easy for the tooth to permanently grow in the wrong place. Considering the highest risk of tooth decay in the 6-10 age group, we have identified seven specific reasons. Teeth Whitening, there are many different ways: Teeth whitening is based on the principle that these chemicals release an oxidizing agent, reducing redox reactions that dissolve colorants. Restorative: indicated in cases of severe pigmentation such as tetracyclines IV, severe fluorosis … cannot be treated with conservation measures. Restoration of the color can be by porcelain or metal porcelain, porcelain full …

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Inappropriate brushing and / or oral hygiene: brush your teeth, brushing your teeth with not enough brush on three sides, brushing your teeth with too much toothpaste, brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and not rinsing your teeth after eating. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

– This is the age when young tooth enamel is most vulnerable, bacteria that cause tooth decay easily attack and cause dental disease.

– During pregnancy, the mother does not provide enough substance for the development of teeth especially Calci, the children are born will structure teeth are not firm, susceptible to dental diseases.

– The habit of eating a lot of candy, sweet food … but no reasonable care to create plaque on the teeth. Plaque is the environment for harmful bacteria that cause cavities, gingivitis.

Children who have bad habits such as swollen teeth during oral replacement are also at high risk of gum disease due to tooth decay, which inadvertently leads to harmful bacteria. mouth, hurt the gums.

– If you have a history of tooth decay, if you do not have proper oral hygiene, you will have a very high risk of permanent tooth decay, which will greatly affect your esthetic future.

– Do not regularly visit the dentist every 6 months.

When children show signs of tooth decay, parents should bring their children to the dentist so that the doctors have the most effective remedy to avoid affecting the permanent teeth and health of the body. vietnam dentist prices

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