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When you return home, focus tooth in Vietnam

When you return home, focus tooth in Vietnam, to improve the loss of many teeth, the loss of teeth in the elderly is rated for efficiency, aesthetics, safety and reasonable price. In dentistry I-DENT, this method is implemented with new technology, will surely bring customers the best dental results, safety and high efficiency. Currently, dental removable appliances are widely used in the following cases: Loss of two teeth, loss of full jaw teeth and usually designated restoration for the elderly, do not meet fixed teeth restoration, people do not want to do dental bridge or implant dental implant, want to save cost.

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Detachable porcelain tooth structure consists of two parts, plastic and porcelain teeth forming a unified mass, the number of teeth equivalent to the teeth to restoration. Porcelain teeth are tightly pressed on a plastic base, may have metal hook attached or not depending on location, status. As the name implies, when making a removable denture, it is easy to remove the denture without the dentist. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Removable porcelain teeth are divided into 3 forms: full denture, partial denture, full denture implant.

What are the advantages of the tuning stick?

Using dentures on the removable denture is a step forward of the dental industry, not only overcome all the defects of the line of plastic dentures, but also many people love and trust selected by the advantages. after:

With porcelain monolithic structure, should have the shape, color, groove, natural shine like natural teeth.

Thanks to the strength and durability, removable porcelain teeth perform well chewing function, longevity, no worry break, help eat more delicious.

Advanced porcelain material helps to prevent erosion, color retention, long white color retention and limited food adhesion.

Titanium, dental plastics and porcelain – but the components that make up the removable dentures are proven to be safe, do not irritate the gums.

Compared to implant dentures or implant implants, tooth removers are much cheaper than expensive dental implants.

Early recovery will help to prevent wrinkles around the mouth, facial deformities caused by missing teeth and improved pronunciation

Perform light, painless, no blood loss and quickly in just a short time. vietnam dentist prices

Easy to clean, so clean up food scum, so minimize oral health problems.

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