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pick up their children home teeth in Vietnam?

pick up their children home teeth in Vietnam?, much and no pain. Can you spit? If not spit affected?… In modern dentistry, extraction is a matter for doctors to consider carefully before the indication of whether to remove it. Because, to replant a lost tooth often cost a lot to the patient, in terms of time, effort and money. You can find out more about this here. In order to maintain the permanence of the removable denture implant, it is recommended to carry life-saving measures for implantation implantation, because this method carries a very short period of consumption due to avoidance in the material to be made, A temporary denture can be worn.  It is important to keep the teeth clean, remove the left after eating food will help to prevent dental disease damage. Perform periodontal hygiene every 2 days.

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Treatment for preservation is the primary goal that both physicians and patients must address. Only extract the teeth when the tooth is severely damaged, causing infection, cannot be retained.

Your specific case, can understand the word ‘item’ is ‘tooth decay’. Your teeth are deep. But ‘not much pain and no pain’ as you describe. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

This means that your teeth are more likely to be treated for preservation, not to be removed. A large tooth must be removed when it has been ‘soiled’ a lot, almost to the root. In such cases it is usually painful or uncomfortable for the patient.

Tooth decay is a disease that destroys the hard tissues of teeth, which progress over time. The first stage of tooth decay, tooth enamel is destroyed; Over time, the tooth decay breaks down to the dentin and, most importantly, to the pulp. The final stage of tooth decay is the entire tooth destroyed, leaving only the root. You can find more information about the progress of the disease here.

Tooth decay is a disease that progresses over time. The longer it takes, the greater the depth. In the period of tooth enamel (teeth are not hurt or hurt slightly), the teeth can be completely renewed to restore the enamel.

When the dentin is damaged much, the coverage of tooth pulp is thin, the restoration of dental restoration is very low. In these cases, if the teeth can be replenished, in the long run, the quality of the teeth will not be good. Can later, teeth will be aching because of tooth pulp stimulated by dental pulp to protect the pulp was very thin. vietnam dentist prices

Depending on the condition, the level of the tooth that the treatment regimen will be different. For example, teeth that are deep-wormed, lightly ivory, can be filled right away. The teeth have deep to the pulp, the tooth pulp must be treated before filling. Tooth-only teeth must be examined for root canal infection that evaluates the condition that can be retained or removed.

Back to your case, as described, we think that with the current state, your teeth should be retained for preservation treatment should not be removed.

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