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In the opinion of the public tooth in Vietnam?

In the opinion of the public tooth in Vietnam?, months then you have wisdom tooth extraction to relieve pain or not? Looking for a doctor to help you. Sincerely thank the doctor Thank you for your trust and sharing with us. For your questions, This is the most advanced technology of tooth extraction today, using only ultrasound to break the tooth around the tooth around the teeth to swing and remove easily without using repression. However, according to in-depth experience from highly skilled dentists, the method of braces will be different between adults and children. So what is the difference, and why is it different? I-DENT Dental is pleased to answer as follows:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Pregnant women should have wisdom tooth

Pregnant women should have wisdom tooth extraction to relieve pain?

Wisdom teeth is a normal physiological phenomenon in almost all adults aged 17-25 years old. Basically, wisdom teeth do not affect the health of all suffering. However, many cases teeth hardly intelligent cause intense pain when they grow up. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

With healthy people, the dentist can specify a wisdom tooth extraction immediately, but the woman is pregnant, the tooth extraction is not recommended because it can affect the fetus. Therefore, the mother should go for regular dental examinations and treatment thoroughly before pregnancy to protect dental health for mothers and babies.

Wisdom extractions can only be carried out in cases where the patient’s health is free of cardiovascular disease or blood disease. Before the spit, patients will be X-rayed to determine specific conditions of wisdom teeth such as the shape, position of the tooth, whether it affects the nerves or not. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Pregnant women are often not recommended for extractions, especially wisdom teeth. Removal of the tooth if not safely performed can affect the fetus. Oral effects can have a direct effect on the development of the fetus, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy – as the organs in the baby’s body grow and develop. Only simple dental procedures such as tartar or fillings can be done during pregnancy but still need a thorough examination before proceeding.

At this stage, it is best not to remove your wisdom teeth during pregnancy as well as use painkillers as an insult to keep your baby safe. Take temporary relief measures such as using physiological saline solution and mouth rinsing for several days, may pour garlic or ginger to cover the wisdom teeth to relieve pain. Notice the strengthening of vitamins A and C for the body. Use liquid, soft, easy to swallow foods such as porridge, soup with meat, fish puree to ensure adequate nutrition for the baby. Dental tourim in Vietnam 

Often, wisdom teeth when growing will cause pain within 1-2 weeks. In cases where the wisdom teeth are deep or there is a sharpening in the brain, you need to go to the medical facility to see a doctor. In some cases, your doctor will decide if you should remove wisdom teeth, but only if you are in good health and can ensure your pregnancy is safe from 4 months onwards.

Wisdom tooth extraction can cause severe pain and bleeding if performed poorly by traditional methods, so it is better to choose a dental center with extraction using a Piezotome ultrasound. This method is considered optimal and does not cause much pain to the patient, uncomplicated safety and healing process then occurs quite quickly. vietnam dentist prices

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