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In the old days, fire gods teeth in Vietnam

In the old days, fire gods teeth in Vietnam, I have bad teeth and was shouting, it makes me confident, do not dare smile to anyone. He plans to wear braces, but in an accident should lose a tooth. I wonder if the teeth are broken? Looking for a doctor to help you.  Causes tooth infection with pus Toothpaste is a common oral disease is quite common today, but very few people know about them. If not treated promptly, the disease can lead to dangerous complications. The following article will provide you with some essential information about the disease for effective identification and prevention.
Causes tooth infection with pus Endothelial stomatitis is a common oral disease that is prevalent today, mainly due to bacteria that persist on dental plaque. Causes of pus-filled root disease mainly due to the following two pathological factors develop into:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Questions about missing teeth

First of all we would like to condolence to you because of the unfortunate accident that lost your molar. And also thank you for your attention and questions about I-DENT dental. With the question “can you get your teeth back?”, We would like to answer as follows: Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Questions about missing teeth

Questions about missing teeth? The answer is still braces can be fixed by pulling the teeth back.

In case of loss of teeth can still braces, can use braces can pull teeth together, but in the case of not pull the teeth should be implanted dental implants or ceramic bridge combination. when braces. Therefore, you should go to the doctor, x-ray to your doctor to accurately diagnose your condition.

If you are prepared for braces, it is best to follow your physician’s instructions. We are sure that your treating doctor will advise you carefully before doing the dental work on your case. As a general practitioner of Orthodontics, the physician must be able to accurately measure the size of his or her teeth and the current dental situation before deciding which treatment to take.

If the doctor finds that the gap is sufficient to pull the remaining teeth to fill the gap, you do not need to dent the tooth loss. If the two sides of the tooth lost teeth are tilted then it is difficult, will have to align the teeth before doing the next step. In general, there are many factors that influence the treatment plan that the doctor directly consulted for you.

Can the toothache be broken? At I-DENT, almost all cases can be done if the treatment before the braces. Depending on the condition of your teeth loss more or less, heavy or light, it will have its own treatment and best suited. vietnam dentist prices

Here, when the patient visits. Your doctor will give you a x-ray to check your teeth, your root canal is done or not. All will be carefully checked first. Then will advise and show you how to do it.

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