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followed up after 30 minutes tooth in Vietnam

followed up after 30 minutes tooth in Vietnam,  6 are the most commonly used methods for cases of total tooth loss. These techniques require advanced technology, professional skills along with modern equipment can achieve high efficiency. Implantation Techniques All on 4 and All on 6 are the specialized concept in dental implants implant of aesthetic dentistry. Accordingly, for patients who have lost their entire teeth, the physician will consider the situation on the basis of the choice of All on 4 or 6. The patient will be implanted with 4 or 6 implant inserts in titanium. the jaw, then, a denture will be fixed on top with a special connection material. Teeth in areas of root loss that are no longer intact with many factors to the patient and family and relatives may not be adapted to conventional nursing because of the need to reduce the dose for this patient.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Learn about Implant Teeth implant All on 4

With implant implants All on 4 or 6, the patient will save the maximum cost, and have beautiful teeth to eat chewing as well as comfortable in communication.

This method has the following advantages: Saigon Vietnam dental implants

– Orthodontics is fast, beautiful, effective, suitable for all subjects, including the elderly.

– Minimize the bone graft surgery, sinus lift.

– Do not cause pain to the patient, do not affect health.

– The number of implant cylinders is set to minimum, so surgery is gentle, invasive narrow, less shock.

– Maximum cost savings. vietnam dentist prices

Implant procedure All on 4 and All on 6

Learn about Implant Teeth Implant All on 4 and All on 6

Step 1: Examination, counseling and X-ray to accurately determine the status of the patient’s teeth to choose the appropriate method.

Step 2: Place the implant in the proper position. Depending on the method chosen by the patient, the doctor implanted 4 or 6 implant cylinders into the jawbone.

Step 3: Restore the denture on the implant. nha khoa ident

Step 4: Re-examination. Once the transplant procedure has been completed, the patient is scheduled for a follow-up visit by the doctor to check the compatibility of the implant as well as the entire dental health of the patient after the implant.

After implantation with All on 4 or All on 6, the patient can resume normal activities. However, in order to keep the teeth healthy, patients should pay attention to fasting hard, tough, cold, hot … as well as oral hygiene is clean every day. nha khoa trồng răng implant

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